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We are a group of experienced doctors who want to help doctor community with their participation and sharing of their knowledge with other doctors associated wiht NF Mumbai.

Neonatology Forum Mumbai (NFM) is a registered public charitable trust formed by like minded Neonatologists in Mumbai working towards welfare of newborns in Mumbai. This group has been working together since last 18 years following the organisation of successful annual national conference of Neonatology in collaboration with National Neonatology Forum India in the year 2000. To consolidate the efforts under one roof, they founded & registered NFM in 2015. NFM consists of well reputed, experienced, dedicated neonatologists from public & private sector institutions in Mumbai.

Members have many national & international publications to their credit & have contributed immensely in formulating guidelines on various neonatal issues at state as well as national level. NFM believes in training medical & paramedical health personnel & has conducted numerous clinical meetings, seminars, panel discussions, workshops, conferences in basic & advanced neonatal care. Training programs in Lactation management, Kangaroo Mother Care, Neonatal Resuscitation, Nutrition, Ventilation & PG lecture series are appreciated by one & all over the years. NFM has recently started Fresher's course for newly joined PG fellowship candidates. NFM has also conducted many academic sessions in Marathi for grass root workers like community health visitors, aanganwadi workers in Mumbai & Maharashtra & has provided teaching material in local languages. NFM encourages & supports PG students & nurses participating in various activities related to newborn care. In order to keep abreast with recent advances in Neonatology, NFM has been organising an annual conference since 2015, Neonatal International Conference by Experts (NICE), a conference with difference. The faculty for this 2 days conference are well reputed experienced neonatologists from UK, USA, Canada, Australia & NewZealand. Pediatricians & Neonatologists from different parts of the country are immensely benefitted. NICE has turned into an eagerly awaited event of NFM. EC members are well known for their research aptitude & are always in forefront in conducting research training as well as research on neonatal issues. NFM is working & will continue to work for welfare of newborns in our city of Mumbai.

Our vision

Our vision is to see our city of Mumbai with a single digit neonatal mortality rate by the year 2025 and every newborn with intact survival by ensuring quality newborn care through evidence based learning / training of all cadres of health care providers looking after newborn babies.

Our mission

We strive to update the knowledge and skills of all health care providers so as to give every newborn in Mumbai the best start in life with rational, evidence based care. We work with grassroot workers, medical students, nurses, para medical staff, Pediatricians and Neonatologists. We conduct basic, advanced international CMEs and conferences,skills training workshops, observership programmes for all newborn HCPs. We support research activities and training . We work together with our Obstetrician colleagues to improve newborn outcomes at birth.

Meet The Team

NF Mumbai welcomes doctors and medical students from all over the world.

The staff of the clinic is composed of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience.

Our Values

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  • Integrity: Sem arcu imperdiet mi, quis eleifenuisque fringilla, diam at sit amet dignissim interdum smagna.
  • Teamwork: Arcu imperdiet miquis lorem eleifenuisque dignissim interdum sed smagna. at sit amet lorem sitamet.

Our Mission & Vision

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  • Provide comprehensive & technically excellent.
  • Open communication and polietly with our patients care.
  • Offer patients up to date surgical best practice medicine.

Meet Our Team

We are an experienced team of medical practitioners.

Dr. Cemaroen Laywer

Mbbs, Ms Surgical Specialist

Dr. Alana Hopley

mbbs, Associate Professor

Dr. Noah Parker

Brain Specialist

Dr. Rory Wise

consultant neurosurgeon

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